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Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

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Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is a type of brown hardwood furniture. Indonesian teakwood has used for manufacturing wooden furniture since ancient times. We can use teak wood furniture as outdoor teak furniture because of its durability and will not rot or warp. It’s weather resistant too.

Today, the primary source of teak wood furniture products is Indonesia, which is the largest producer of teak wood garden furniture in the world.

The country also has some of the best teak forests plantation in the world, so it’s no wonder why they can produce such high quality solid teak wood furniture. We scattered teak tree in various regions of Indonesia.

Therefore, there are some areas that have abundant sources of teak, and some do not have teak trees. Areas that usually have a lot of teak forests are dedicate for Indonesian furniture manufacturer.

Using teak wood furniture can be in the long term, many teak demands from teak furniture manufacturer factory have proven this.

In addition, teak is naturally weather resistant to various climates and conditions,so it is suitable for the country and abroad.

Teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia has various privileges provided. Teak wood furniture from Indonesia has many styles that can adapt to your indoor furniture or outdoor garden furniture, and will always add a touch of class to any decor space.

Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is available in various forms, such as Indonesia teak root furniture, teak wood bowls, teak outdoor bench, teak wood patio furniture. Teak wood is a type of sustainable resource because it’s not harvested at an unsustainable rate.

The teak tree is the only large deciduous tree in the list of trees that are used for commercial purposes. This means that it does not produce seeds, fruit, or flowers. It is also important to note that we do not harvest teak trees at an unsustainable rate, which means they will continue to provide us with a sustainable resource for years to come.

Solid teak wood furniture from Indonesia has outdoor durability. So it is not only suitable for teak indoor furniture but also can used as teak garden furniture.

The major benefit of teak wooden furniture is its resistance to rain and sun, so we can leave it outside without worrying about cracking or warping. Using teak wood furniture can be an excellent choice for quality outdoor furniture by the pool or outdoor terrace.


Teak wood furniture from Indonesia has many types. This type of teak wood furniture from Indonesia can easily adapt to the design of teak collection. The following are some types of teak wood furniture Indonesia, including:

Traditional Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Traditional teak furniture from Indonesia has a characteristic that can be seen in the furniture. This furniture is usually cheaper than other types of teak furniture collection. This is because it looks old-fashioned and unattractive.

However, some people attracted to the traditional type because it displays an atmosphere of the past. Mostly the style of traditional wood furniture from Indonesia comes in dining chairs, dining sets, console table. This style of furniture is common use in Java Indonesia.

Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Reclaimed teak furniture is new furniture which made with unused teak furniture material. This reclaimed teak wood furniture made from a piece of furniture such as boats and old decks that is salvaged, assembled and remade into furniture with other functions so that it has used.

This reclaimed, we often paint teak wood furniture with a patina coating to give them an antique look. The look of antique furniture will give an original impression to the room. Usually, we can find the style of reclaimed teak wood furniture from Indonesia on teak benches and dining tables.

Contemporary Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

This kind of Indonesian teak furniture gives a sleek and contemporary look without compromising the superior quality of traditional teak wood furniture from Indonesia.

Contemporary teak wood furniture can create an open and inviting environment in a room. Items like sofas, chaise lounger, chairs, coffee tables, cabinets, and bookshelves can placed around the room to create different areas where people can socialize or work.

Contemporary teak wood furniture is popular among modern homeowners because it has clean lines that are aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t take up too much space.

Teak Garden Furniture From Indonesia

Unfinished Indonesian teak furniture industry or teak garden furniture from Indonesia is on the rise, especially for outdoor teak wood furniture Indonesia. This style of teak outdoor furniture has been around for centuries and is a popular choice among consumers who want to make their space become natural looks.

Often, the only thing that’s needed is sanding and waxing to get the furniture looking new again.

The common use for this teak garden furniture from Indonesia is teak outdoor bench, and teak root furniture. Sometimes this type of furniture can found at a lower price than its finished counterpart because of limitations in production and materials.

This design model is usually as a unique shape that stresses the uniqueness of the Indonesian teak wood furniture such teak root furniture. Uniquely designed teak wood will have a unique look in the room. Like the use of teak root furniture that can used as a table or chair, so that the shape is unique from the table.


Teak wood furniture from Indonesia knows about its quality timber. Teak wood furniture Indonesia has many advantages that your home should inhabit. Here are some reasons you should choose teak wood furniture from Indonesia:

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia Has Quality Workmanship And Durability

Making quality products is not arbitrary, even using traditional woodworking method. Mostly, Teak wood furniture from Indonesia made by furniture craft workers with expert experience from generation to generation.

In Indonesia, you can find several areas that make teak wood furniture with skilled craft workers in making furniture, especially in Central Java. There is no doubt about the durability of teakwood furniture. This is because teak wood is durable wood and has natural oil content, so it can withstand any weather situation.

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia Is Affordable Price

Teak wood furniture Indonesia may have a relatively more expensive price with other types of wood. However, the price given to teak wood furniture from Indonesia is still affordable compared to other regions or countries that provide much more expensive prices.

Therefore, the price set for teak wood furniture from Indonesia is more affordable, especially in Java Indonesia. In Java Indonesia, you may get about US$100 for one set of teak patio furniture. You can check with WIKITEAK and ask customer service to assist you to get it.

Low Price For Custom Design Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

We can adjust teak wood furniture Indonesia to what you want. You may find some teak furniture manufacturer factory to customize any teak wood furniture from Indonesia at a cheap price.

Some teak furniture manufacturer factory doesn’t provide minimum order quantity to do custom manufacturing. This is very possible because teak wood furniture Indonesia can be made according to demand.

So it’s easier to determine the right furniture for your home home or commercial project. You can talk to WIKITEAK. They may help you do this.


Quality Wood furniture is currently becoming popular and is in the interest of many people. This makes naughty people make furniture in the name of teakwood, but don’t actually use teak wood.

So, irresponsible traders deceived many. Therefore, you must know the guide to buying real teak furniture from Indonesia:

Is It Solid Teak Wood Furniture And Durable Wood?

Teak wood furniture must be durable and not easily damaged by termites and other insects. Sometimes it depends on construction and moisture content for a piece of furniture.

Make sure that good Indonesia teak furniture manufacturer manufactures the teak wood furniture you buy, so that it can last for a very long time.

You can check for teak oil finish, knotholes, cracks, signs of insect infestation or a moldy smell. This will help to determine an outstanding quality wood of Indonesia teak furniture.

Is it Teak Wood Fiber Or Real Teak Furniture?

Real teak furniture has a smooth surface and looks beautiful, so it differs from other wood furniture. But there are still those who can make wood furniture finishing that is very similar to teak wood.

With special techniques and using wood that has similar fibers, we can make the furniture similar to real teak wood.

Therefore, you have to be observant to see each wood. Choose teak wood that is old because it has a stable wood, difficult to shrink, difficult to break and warp.

So, that the best quality teak wood is teak that is old. How to know the age of teak wood can be seen from the wood grain. They make teak wood fiber from a layer of cambium that goes through developments every year.


Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is amazing for business and personal use. You can take advantage of price and product based on your requirements. But finding the good supplier is difficult, at least you can ask them client portfolio before buying teak wood furniture from any manufacturer of affordable teak wood furniture from Indonesia.

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