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As we know, teak wood furniture from Indonesia is suistainable. Sustainability isn’t just about how we care of the environment today, but how we care for it in the long-term future too.

Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is an excellent choice for both now and tomorrow because it can last up to 100 years longer than other types of wood when treated properly as well as having a smaller carbon footprint during production.

Looking for affordable and quality teak wood furniture from Indonesia? Our selection of teak wood furniture is handcrafted with traditional techniques, carefully chosen for its natural beauty, durability and strength. Discover the perfect piece for your home today.

Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is the good furniture product among other types of wooden furniture. This wood can be made for various furniture that can complement your home.

Any teak furniture from Indonesia with teak wood material is needed to complete the excellent house or commercial project, because it is durable and very sturdy. This type of wood is also very good for placing indoors or outdoors.

So you can put the type of teak wood furniture inside the house or outside the house like a garden according to your needs.

This solid wood is very suitable for outdoor areas because it is resistant to various weather. Therefore, many types of teak wood are used as various types of outdoor furniture.

The advantage of buying teak wood furniture from Indonesia by online is that for those of you who have a house far from the showroom, you don’t need to come directly to buy furniture because you will spend a lot of time while traveling.

Only by opening your laptop or cell phone and visiting the website you can easily buy furniture products. You can see various furniture products and their prices.

By shopping furniture from Indonesia via online store, you will have more choices to choose from. With pictures and prices, it will be easier for you to buy furniture at prices that are adjusted to the contents of your pocket. Ease of getting the desired item is one of the features provided by online.

The payment system is also very easy that many customers like by transferring to a bank account. If you have made a transaction, you just have to wait for the goods to be sent to your home. So buying teak wood furniture online is easier and more practical .

The selection of teak wood into furniture has many benefits. In its use, teak wood furniture has various benefits, namely it can function to store and put things. If there is no furniture in your home, then your house will be messy because there is no furniture to put your things.

You can find various teak wood furniture products such us home furnishings, cafes, hotels, restaurants and many more. You can also find indoor and outdoor furniture here.

The types of furniture in addition to having benefits can also decorate your home to make it look more beautiful. Teak wood furniture has a unique color, the wood on the bark of the teak tree can produce good colors such as pure gray or a combination of brown and gray colors.

These various colors are able to present a unique look without losing the luxury and elegant feel in it. So that the pure color produced by teak wood makes furniture suitable for various home interior designs.

The color that is different from other woods makes teak wood special and much sought after. There are many types of teak wood furniture that can complete your home room, here are some forms of teak wood furniture, namely wardrobes that are designed in various ways.

Cabinets have various designs start from ordinary, luxurious, cute, to unique. Children’s wardrobes with adult wardrobes are certainly different, each has a different design.

For children’s wardrobes, they are usually cute like hello kitty characters and other cute characters so that children prefer them. In addition, it has mostly bright colors. Adult wardrobes are usually designed to be simpler and have soft colors.

In addition to the wardrobe there is bed furniture. This type of furniture is also different from children to adults. For children, it is usually in the form of cars, dolls so that children will be comfortable when sleeping in the room and feel at home in the house. Adult beds also have various designs start from simple to luxurious with carvings on each bed.

For classic dwellings, they usually have a magnificent house, so most choose a large bed with a carved design that makes it look luxurious and elegant.

You can choose according to your favorite color. Next there is teak wood furniture and chairs. Chairs that have teak wood material never look boring when used to sweeten the interior of the house.

Now teak wood chairs are available in various models and prices. The furniture made of teak wood is very varied. You can choose various chairs that you can adjust to your needs. Every room in the house definitely needs a chair to sit and gather.

Outside the house also definitely needs a chair to relax. This makes the chair has many designs to match your every room.

For chairs in the living room, usually most choose the type of teak sofa because it is considered more comfortable to sit because it is soft.

In addition to the sofa, there are also other types of wood used in the living room, namely minimalist living room chairs, carved living room chairs, corner guest chairs and tables and many more. In addition to the dining room, the type of chair that is usually used is a teak wood chair which is simpler with a few carvings so it will look more elegant.

For outdoor areas such as in parks, chairs that are usually used are more relaxed and usually choose unique types of chairs such as folding chairs, swing chairs and other chairs. In addition, you can add a multifunctional garden folding table chair so it doesn’t take up much space.

You can also use an umbrella table chair which will make you more comfortable because you are not exposed to the sun while relaxing. Teak wood was chosen because it will support the body so it must use a really strong material.

For teak wood table furniture is also available in various types. You can adjust the chair to the table to make it look harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Teak wood table is used to put food and drinks.

In other side, the table is also used to place books and various other furniture such as cosmetics, photo figures and so on. The shape of the teak wood table can be varied.

The table can be adapted to the room as well as family members. For those of you who have family members with 4 people, you can use a table with a square shape.

The table is minimalist in shape so it saves space. As for those of you who have many family members, you can use a rectangular table because it will accommodate many people. Teak wood table can also be placed outside the room.

The design of the table that is outside the room can be unique so that it is not monotonous. You can put the table according to the room and the chair. In addition to cabinets, tables and chairs, there is still a lot of furniture made of teak wood.

Teak wood furniture is already very good from the original tree. However, to keep it as a variety of furniture, furniture must be painted and finished so that the furniture is more durable. Coloring is the first step in the wood treatment series.

Painting is to give a layer on the outside of wooden furniture. If you skip this process, the teak furniture that has been made will not last long and will not have an attractive appearance.

Giving color to the furniture can keep the teak furniture looking good. How to color teak wood furniture so that it makes the product more beautiful is not easy. Must go through various processes.

Teak staining techniques are divided into two categories, the first is the classic wood staining technique, namely wiping, the second is the modern teak staining technique, namely spraying.

The classic technique is actually the technique with the most beautiful coloring. In the classic technique is done manually to make a shiny and perfect color. But the classical technique has the disadvantage that it requires a longer working period.

Therefore, now most people turn to the latest technique, namely using the spray method. The use modern techniques by spraying will be faster and the job will be completed faster. The resulting quality is also not inferior to using classic coloring techniques.

How to color the inside of teak wood furniture can also be done in these two ways.  Here is how to color with the classic technique. First, rub the wood with sandpaper and then remove all the hardware that is on the wood so that it is ready to be painted.

After that use a rag or brush to rub the paint on the wood. Stir the wood paint until evenly distributed using a wooden or plastic stirrer.

Then dip a cloth or brush into the paint and rub it on the wood surface in parts until it is completely coated with paint. Then apply the wood paint in a thin and even layer.

Apply paint with a brush or cloth making sure there are no large streaks or splashes on the wood. Apply long and slowly so that the paint color is evenly distributed.

After that wipe the remaining paint after 5 to 15 minutes depending on the desired color.

The longer the paint is left on the wood, the darker the color will be. Use a clean cloth to lightly wipe off the excess paint. Let the paint dry for 4 hours.

Lay the wood in an area with good air and leave it for 4 hours to dry. If you want to add color to your desired color, make sure each coat of paint is completely dry before applying the next coat.

After the paint has dried, the wood is ready to apply sealant. Sealant is a substance used to prevent the entry of liquid through the surface or connection of certain materials. Sealants are used on wood to protect the wood or as a coating. This gift is highly recommended so that the wood can be durable and strong.

You can use a brush when coating wood with sealant. Then wait for the sealant to dry before sanding again. Next apply a second coat of sealant and allow to dry completely.

You can repeat the process of applying sealant in the direction of the wood groove, thinly and evenly. The classic brush technique can be very slow and difficult to work with. So it is almost impossible to get an even coat on a large surface when using a brush.

This is why most people choose to use the spray technique. This technique is much easier to achieve a nice finish using much less effort. Next is coloring with a spray technique. To speed up the process, the spray technique is the most suitable.

This technique produces a more even and smooth finish. Here’s how. The first is to prepare wooden furniture and sandpaper gradually to produce a more even wood surface.

Dry the wood to the right humidity so that the wood does not cause mold and also does not invite termites. After the wood is dry, smooth and free of dirt and dust, you can start with a sprayer.

Use sanding sealer to spray. Sanding sealer is a type of base layer whose application is transparent so that the wood grain and natural color of the wood are still visible.

Spray all over the wood surface up. Then wait for it to dry after that sand it again using sandpaper. Sanding is used so that the top layer of wood can be glued.

The benefits of teak can be for daily needs. Teak wood can be used for cooking, and making various handicrafts that can be sold.

Teak wood can be used for treatment and the wood is also made for various crafts. Teak wood furniture has a very high value because there are many advantages that you can find for teak wood furniture.

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