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Teak wood furniture is now becoming very popular in completing the home area, those are with outdoor teak furniture and indoor teak furniture.

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Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture
Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Ready To Load Into Container

If you are interested in buying teak wood furniture from Indonesia, then you should consider a few things before you make your final purchase decision. Every wood type has its own set of characteristics, and with teak wood, you will have to take into consideration different factors that will make your purchase choice easy or hard.

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Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Natural Edge Bench Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Area

To help you out with the planning, we’ve compiled a list of some of the important features based on your home, office, or project. Below are what you should take into consideration before making a choice and recognizing your desires from buying Indonesia teak wood furniture.

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Indoensian teak wood furniture was the first mainstream furniture product to use the traditional method of turning wood. Because teak has a very close grain to it, the process of turning it into wooden furniture is much more labor-intensive than other woods.

In addition, teak is extremely durable and can last for generations. There are many different types of teak, and each type will have a different color, texture, and looks.

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Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Outdoor Teak Side Table Made From Solid Teak Log

As we know there are various types of home and space designs which are made to make people comfortable when spending time at home with family. The design and theme of space has different from one house to another.

The types of home designs start from classic designs, rustic designs, contemporary designs, vintage designs, modern designs, and so on. Some of you may already know or use one of these design options for your home or your office design.

Custom Design Teak Wood Furniture 21091204
Custom Design Teak Wood Furniture: Outdoor Bench Rustic Finished WIth Powder Coated Metal Leg

Below are several suggestion for each house design with its own teak wood furniture characteristics and style used.

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As known well, this house is using natural theme with many kind of wooden material. All of accent house made from natural material such natural cane, bamboo, or timber, even rooms and roof.

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Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture In Traditional Design: At WIKITEAK, you can buy teak wood furniture at Factory Price

This design style is very thick with all things natural. Usually this house adopts handmade, recycled, wood and other materials that have a natural impression.

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You Can Buy Teak Wood Furniture At WIKITEAK: Tailored Teak Wood Furniture From Sustainable Sources

Commonly this traditional house is using solid wood timber structure and sometimes the element of structure is made from oak or teak tree. The good solution for this traditional house is by using natural edge furniture which manufactured by handmade.

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Buy Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia 21091208
Teak Trunk Side Table: Buy Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia At Factory Price.

Some house owner decides to cut the tree trunk only for making side table or stool or towel ladder with just branch of teak tree. The furniture which made from solid tree trunk usually can be placed for outdoor furniture as well.

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Teak Towel Ladder: Buy Teak Wood Furniture At WIKITEAK For Custom Design Teak Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture which can be combined in traditional house design can be console table, teak benches, dining chairs, and some deck chair.

Classic house interiors are one of the most popular interior styles in the world. They were popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900s and have been continuously popular ever since. They have been a part of the Americana landscape for over a century, and some of the rooms created in this style are still around today.

Classic Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture 210917a
Classic Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Hand Carved Flower Carving

Some of the most popular classic house interiors are Victorian, Spanish Colonial, Arts and Crafts, Tudor, Ranch, Country, and others. Usually this type of house will need kind of classic furniture style such antique reproduction teak wood furniture with one dominant color, which gives the impression of being elegant and clean.

Vintage Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture 210918c
Antique Reproduction Furniture: White Painted Cabinet

Usually the walls of classic houses are made much higher than most ordinary houses. Therefore, high windows and doors are needed so that the size of the walls and doors is ideal.

Classic Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture 210917b
Classic Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Hand Carved Teak Coffee Table

In addition, antique reproduction teak wood furniture that is placed in a classic design house is also very important. The choice of finishing colors on antique reproduction teak wood furniture should be in one theme for all furniture.

It’s becoming increasingly popular due to its more authentic and rustic feel and aesthetic. Usually this type of house is using floral motifs that represent an ancient model that is timeless.

Vintage Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture 210918c
Vintage Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture: Communal Restaurant Table With Glass Top

Sometimes most of indoor furniture used in vintage house is decades old but still looks sturdy and charming. In general, each piece of furniture of this house is decorated by vintage models with a collection of antiques such as recycled wood in the form of various types of goods and various other antiques.

Houses with vintage style often have dark colors, furniture with wear patterns, and a variety of textures. Some people prefer the comfort and vintage feel of an older style home, while others go for more modern styles. No matter what home you choose, the important thing is to find what you like most.

Vintage Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture 210918d
Vintage Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture: Rustic Teak Book Shelf

The suitable teak wood furniture for vintage house is mostly in rustic style with simple design. When considering other raw material, black powder coated steel is preffered. The vitage furniture which powder coated has more durable from rusty and water resistant, it’s can be placed at outdoor space for patio furniture or outdoor garden furniture as well.

This type of design is basically a combination of the concept of the present and the future. This design will give a cold and warm feel at the same time. The hallmark of contemporary design is that the house is clean and there are almost no knick-knacks in the contemporary room.

Contemporary home designs have neutral, clean and subtle colors. Furniture which adopted into this contemporary design usually using quality materials of solid teak wood furniture.

Some of contemporary design firm achieves with indonesian teak wood to get impression with color of teak wood.

As known well that teak products hasn’t cheap price because of it’s durable materials, but teak furniture in Indonesia still become competitive prices for customers especially for teak garden furniture and contemporary furniture.

Contemporary teak furniture is suitable for custom project such chiavari dining chairs with sunbrella cushion.

This design is one of the most popular designs. Modern home designs are in great demand because they are identical with everything that is simple especially for corporate office space because of functional and neatly arranged which always follows the times related to the developing modern lifestyle.

Many overseas people prefer to choose modern teak furniture Indonesia for their home. No matter how large the land is, you can still make a modern house the way you want. Although this design has a simple impression, it still looks elegant.

Modern home design is one of the best residential homes for those of you who want to have a multifunctional residence. Besides that, by having a house with maximum space functions, you can also present an aesthetic impression.

Next is the selection of simple details and minimal decoration. By using cabinets and flat panels for wall decoration, the house will be more tidy.

Using various kinds of furniture, such as integrated television racks and hidden or integrated furniture with other furniture, will be more efficient.

This is the character of modern home designs that are often found in every home. By carrying a simple impression.

The concept of modern home design does not require decorations that are too excessive so that modern designs are often referred to as designs that are effective and affordable in terms of costs.

The colors displayed in the modern design are not too bright and unobtrusive. Most of these designs use white, cream, black and gray paint which gives a clean and simple impression.

In addition to using color combinations, combining the color of the house with several stone or wood motifs will make the house look more modern, large and comfortable. The effect of color on the design of the house should not be ignored.

Therefore you have to be careful in applying color in your modern home design. In addition, most modern designs use materials such as wood and neutral colors.

This house design can create a functional house with a simple shape. The exterior decoration of the house also has many wooden elements that can make the house feel warm.

A comfortable home atmosphere is of course the desire of everyone. To create it also requires the expertise of the homeowner in designing the house.

In addition to home design, choosing the right furniture is also very important to make the home atmosphere comfortable.

Modern teak furniture Indonesian comes with the latest furniture products that have the latest designs. Modern teak furniture creates furniture that is currently in demand by the public. The use of modern teak furniture is very suitable to be applied to homes with modern designs.

Definitely, it is also very appropriate to be applied to a minimalist home because of its simple shape.

Various furniture designs are offered with a minimalist concept to match modern homes. Because modern design is synonymous with simple and neat, the shape of the furniture used for modern design dwellings is simpler without using much carving.

Modern furniture is simpler so that the room seems more spacious and neat. One of the mandatory places to put furniture is the living room.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house because it serves to welcome guests who come and spend time together. Having a beautiful living room is of course the desire of everyone. The selection of furniture, chairs and guest tables is a must in the living room.

The use of Indonesian teak wood furniture is the right choice to decorate the living room. By using teak wood dining table and chairs, the atmosphere of the house is warmer and more comfortable.

It will be unique by adding some natural edge teak indoor furniture such teak root furniture, teak wood bowls, and some country casual teak table. One type of table that is used can be a teak table that has a multifunction to save space, for example, a table also has a storage function, namely as a place to store things so that the living room does not fall apart.

There are wide variety of quality furniture with affordable price for modern home design which made from teak wood such teak outdoor bench, teak patio furniture, and some of teak arm chairs.

Finally the benefits of teak is too much then mahogany wood furniture, there are wide range of quality products from teak wood furniture Indonesia which you can select based on your interior or house theme.

Indonesian Teak Wood Furniture: Sustainable & Affordable