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Furniture From Indonesia
Wooden Furniture From Indonesia
WIKITEAK is an Indonesia furniture manufacture that focus on manufacturing wooden furniture from Indonesia such as teak indoor furniture and teak outdoor furniture.
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If you are planning to import tailored teak wood furniture from Indonesia, and consider with container order. Then, you are in the right place. WIKITEAK is furniture company for manufacturing custom design teak furniture from Indonesia.

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia
Tailored Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia Based On Specification Requirements

Indonesian teak furniture is a term for the style of teak furniture from Indonesia. It includes traditional Indonesian teak wood furniture, from hand carved furniture and modern with minimalist designs. Simplicity and a preference for natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo characterizes the style.

Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Checking Sample Of Dining Chair Before Bulk Production: Tailored Teak Furniture From Indonesia

The teak furniture from Indonesia, is one of the largest furniture markets in the world. We estimate it over 1000 styles of different teak furniture from Indonesia which are available for order furniture direct from manufacturer every year.

Teak wood furniture factory in Indonesia has seen rapid growth because of the strong demand that is ongoing since 2001.

Teak furniture market in Indonesia is highly competitive and there are many Indonesia furniture manufacturers are trying to replicate the existing model of handicraft from Indonesia.

Indonesian teak furniture from Indonesia dates back to the 9th century, when the first wooden furniture that produced in Java.

Since then, it has passed the style and construction of home furniture Indonesia on and adapted to suit the requirements of local people by working with natural materials, such as bamboo and rattan Indonesia.

Mostly, the wooden furniture from Java Indonesia that inspirited by art and culture of overseas people, which coming into Indonesia for herbs and spices trading at the beginning of the 16th century.

They knew Indonesia has large tropical hardwood sources which used for wooden furniture manufacturing.

We know that wooden furniture from Indonesia may differ from wooden furniture which found in other country, but it’s still got high demand from various trusted wooden furniture industries.

Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Natural Edge Bench: Tailored Teak Wooden Furniture From Indonesia

Solid wood furniture from Indonesia not manufactured from cardboard, and it doesn’t always come at the cheapest price, but if you love the look of solid wood furniture from Indonesia, then you should consider buy it.

It’s almost like getting an investment by adding a bit more value to your personal or commercial wooden furniture project.

Based on material, the popular solid wood furniture from Indonesia is teak wood furniture, which also known as solid teakwood furniture or teakwood planks which used to manufacture teak wood furniture in Indonesia.

Teak Wood Furniture
Finished Natural Teak Edge Sofa: Natural Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Mostly this teak wood material used by Indonesia teak furniture manufacturer to produce wooden furniture for overseas buyer.

However, by using the unique and famous wood technology we can turn it into beautiful teak wood furniture.

Teak Wood Furniture
Natural Teak Edge Sofa With Quick Dry Foam Seat Cushion: Natural Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Indonesia has a rich wood tradition, and something well known it for the great craftsmanship of wooden furniture. Solid Indonesian teak wood furniture is beautiful, as it shows the same properties that are found in natural wood. It also has the benefit of being able to endure the tropical climate and withstand changes in humidity.

There are many options of solid wood furniture which manufactured by wooden furniture manufacturers in Indonesia.

The popular solid wood furniture from Indonesia is teak wooden furniture, mahogany wooden furniture, Suar wooden furniture, Sungkai wooden furniture, and Mindi wooden furniture.

Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Outdoor Teak Armchair: Teak is main solid wood material for making wooden furniture from Indonesia

The high-demand for teak wood furniture from Indonesia is teak garden furniture. The reason is they can place teak garden furniture in indoor or outdoor space.

Teak Garden Furniture
Teak Garden Furniture: Teak Timber Still Considered As Teak Garden Furniture Material For Outdoor Furniture

The different of teak wood furniture for indoor and outdoor is only in finishing. For indoor usually use NC finish and for outdoor only fine sanded finish.

Teak Wood Furniture
Teak Wood Furniture With Suar Top Table: Suar Timber Is Alternative Solid Wooden Furniture For Indoor

Some of the Indonesia furniture manufacturers produce indoor teak furniture, it based the production on outdoor garden furniture style and adding some finishing color to be indoor teak furniture. Mostly is teak tables and chairs. You can also find these indoor teak wood furniture on this web.

Wooden Furniture
Mindi Cabinet Door: Mindi Timber Is Another Solid Wooden Furniture Material From Indonesia

The vast majority of the teakwood furniture that is available in the world market today comes from Indonesia, Southeast Asia.

Since Indonesian government puts some regulation for exporting teak timber furniture from Indonesia, there’re some regulations which needs to follow for exporting teak timber furniture from Indoensia.

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia
Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia: Coffee Table WIth White Wash Finish – Needs Special Export License

The regulation is about “Regulation of the minister of trade of the republic of Indonesia number 12/M-DAG/PER/2/2017, concerning amendment on regulation of the minister of trade number 84/M-DAG/PER/12/2016, concerning export provisions for forestry industrial products”. You may consider to check it, you can download on this link.

Indonesian government issued this regulation to manage export value of wooden furniture from Indonesia.

It means all wooden materials not allowed to be exporter by Indonesian furniture manufacturers, including teak wood planks or teak wood furniture component.

Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Teak Furniture From Indonesia: Teak Component Should Has Component Export Permit

Commonly, the allowed teak wood furniture from Indonesian is manufactured wooden furniture product such table, dining tables, coffee tables, teak tables, and other wide range of wooden furniture.

Wooden Furniture From Indonesia
Wooden Furniture From Indonesia: Wooden Artwork

In additional, nowadays there are many developments of furniture from Indonesia which done by Indonesia furniture manufacturer including Jepara furniture manufacturers.

The development of furniture from Indonesia not only focuses on teak timber only, there are several furniture manufacturers based in Jepara, Indonesia, which can mix-max teak timber in production with other materials such as stainless steel for teak outdoor and indoor furniture.

Indonesia has their domestic teak wood furniture style. These include many ranges of unique and beautiful wooden furniture, even in hand carving or minimalist style.

These minimalists teak wood furniture range is from simple to elegant and even more stylish interiors. You can find a variety of furniture in local stores, and even online shop.

Types Of Furniture From Indonesia
Types Of Wooden Furniture From Indonesia: Hand Carved Style – Antique Reproduction Furniture

We know well teak wood furniture from Indonesia for their good woodworking and craftsmanship, and it is not uncommon to see teak wood furniture made by skilled artisans, such as carpenters and woodworkers.

Types Of Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Types Of Teak Furniture From Indonesia: Minimalist Style – Teak Indoor And Outdoor Furniture

The common type of furniture from Indonesia is the teakwood table and chair. As teak wood is common wooden material which used by Indonesia furniture industry, you will find many styles of teak wood furniture from Indonesia which made by traditional techniques which have passed down from generation to generation. Those wooden furniture is such; chairs, tables, sofas, benches, and stools.

They made Indonesia teak wood furniture from a tropical hardwood that grows mostly in Indonesia, South East Asia. It is most frequently used as teak wood furniture in the Indonesian culture and traditions.

Besides being used as a dining table, chair, cupboard and wardrobe, it can also use teak wood for furnishings that include sculptures, furniture, greenhouses and even buildings. Teak wood furniture is natural, and it is available in different colors.

Do you know what is the benefit from Indonesian teak wood furniture? You have come to the right website. Indonesian teak wood furniture is a great wooden furniture investment for personal or commercial decoration.

We can easily maintain the teak wood with an occasional application of teak oil. With the craftsmanship and natural beauty of Indonesian teak wood furniture, you’ll enjoy your piece for years to come.

Indonesian teak wood is one of the most durable wood of wooden material which used in the furniture industry for loose furniture manufacturing.

Indonesian teak wood is not only hard and durable, but it also creates a very warm, rich and dry atmosphere.

Mostly, Indonesian teak wood furniture used in teak outdoor and antique furniture reproduction for some public area project, not just as a decoration. It helps to create the perfect atmosphere for the indoor and outdoor space.

The benefit of teak wood furniture from Indonesia is the value of investment. Furnishings made from Indonesian teak wood are more durable, have a higher density and are less susceptible to warping, rotting and decay, which all will increase a significant in value.

Indonesian Teak wood furniture is more than just a cheap wooden furniture – It’s an Excellent Choice!. There are many benefits to choosing furniture from Indonesian teak wood.

Teak is basically durable wood, very smooth grain and texture. It has a high resistance to rot, decay, and insects. It’s also naturally resistant to termites because of a natural oil that is found in the sapwood.

The wood can be kiln-dried and then sanded to achieve a smooth texture. Much furniture industry often uses it for handcraft furniture, flooring, construction, boat building, and other Indonesia wooden furniture.

Teak furniture is a tropical forest wood that has durability and affordable cost. It has a nice brown-golden color. Teak has used since the time of ancient civilizations, and it’s still used today by Indonesia furniture manufacturers for producing teak wooden furniture in some parts of Central Java.

There are some benefits of teak furniture when you purchase from furniture manufacturers in Indonesia. Those are;

  1. Furniture manufacturers in Indonesia have capabilities to provide custom design or tailored teak wooden furniture.
  2. Furniture manufacturers in Indonesia have long-lasting teakwood materials to supply their teak furniture production.
  3. Furniture manufacturers in Indonesia have expertise people which backed with experience in woodworking and furniture industry.

Teak wood furniture from Indonesia is nothing new to furniture marketplace in the world. With teams of qualified artisans and furniture maker in traditional craftsmanship, teak wood furniture from Indonesia mostly manufactured with a high level of craftsmanship.

These works look great in design, they are also functional. Teak wood furniture from Indonesia has become a popular choice for both the modern and traditional design as it is extremely durable and looks absolutely beautiful!.

At least, there are 3 things to know about the quality of teak wood furniture from Indonesia. Those are checking the grain, color of teak planks, and construction which used for manufacturing furniture.

Below are several things that you may know on how to check the quality of teak wood furniture from Indonesia on below:

  1. Check the grain of furniture planks. The good planks have straight grain following the plank.
Quality Teak Wood Furniture
Teak Furniture From Indonesia: The Grain Of Teak Armchair WIth Synthetic Rattan Seat

2. Check the color of teak timber. The wonderful color is brown instead of white-sapwood. Someone can know well this from the picture, if you’re purchasing at online store furniture from Indonesia.

Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia
Teak Wood Furniture From Indonesia: 2 Different Types Of Teak Timber Material

3. Check the construction. The good construction is using tenon-mortise instead of glue only. In additional, the manufacturer will add several joinery technique to support sturdy construction, even using additional bracket or screws. For this, you may ask the manufacturer of furniture from Indonesia before getting a deal.

Teak Furniture From Indonesia
Teak Furniture From Indonesia: Additional Bracket For Central Joinery

Above are several checklists about how to know the quality of teak wood furniture from Indonesia. The important is to know their furniture business portfolio.

Finding the best teak wood furniture from Indonesia for your personal or commercial project is easy. It’s just a matter of having a simple idea of what you’re looking for and deciding what you want in a teak wood furniture.

Consider the budget, the quality and the overall design of the teak wood furniture you may buy teak wood furniture from Indonesia.

The wooden furniture industry in Indonesia is growing at a rapid rate. The furniture industry of Indonesian furniture manufacturers is growing at a rapid rate. In recent years.

Indonesian teak furniture supplier exports have soared to $22 billion, of which nearly $6 billion are furniture exports market.

An increase in demand from international markets has boosted the growth of the Indonesian furniture industry and growing interest from Europeans looking for cheaper overseas production capacities options in South East Asia for their furniture market.

Mostly, the demand of teak furniture from Indonesian market is grey wash outdoor dining bench, table, and a wide range of outdoor furniture.

Indonesia furniture industry is well-known for its exquisite wood materials. Indonesia has over six thousand original wood, that are all unique in their own production way.

Indonesia has a variety of forests, which provide the world with the perfect type of wood and selection of materials for teak wood furniture made with certain specifications.

We can see many wide ranges of wooden furniture in every Indonesian house. So that teak wood furniture becomes a hallmark of Indonesian culture. Indonesian people really like wooden furniture because it reflects cultural values.

The presence of wooden furniture shifts furniture materials made from other types of furniture makers. The teak furniture has an excellent character.

Teak furniture is very nice to look at because of the golden color grain. Indonesian teak wood furniture is not only beautiful but has high artistic value.

Wood materials is an environmentally friendly, so you not only get the beauty of the furniture, but you also have raw materials environment friendly. Outdoor teak furniture has characteristics, more durable and long lasting compared to other types of furniture wooden materials.

Wooden furniture construction is one of the most important things in furniture production. It can be a vital point, source of comfort, long-lasting wooden furniture.

Teak wood furniture that we use should not only look good, but it must also serve its purpose well.

If you are looking for some alternative sources of teak furniture from Indonesia, then there are several furniture manufacturers which available in Jepara City. They can handle custom design teak furniture from Indonesia.

You can customize any type of teak wood furniture from Indonesia according to your needs and preferences, but not all furniture manufacture in Jepara has expertise in mixing teak wood furniture with other material in production.

There are some reason should be consider getting teak wood furniture from Jepara City, Indonesia. Those are on following:

  • Jepara is a city which in Central Java, Indonesia. Jepara has a long history of woodworking, about 300 years ago. We can consider this city as the central of woodworking and craftmanship in Indonesia.
  • The craftmanship in Jepara has a wide variety of knowledge for designs, construction method, patterns, colors, and wood types.

As small medium enterprises in Indonesian furniture industry and custom design Jepara furniture manufacturer.

WIKITEAK always develop new furniture styles to fill demand of tailored teak furniture from Indonesia especially for antique furniture reproduction, patio furniture, indoor teak furniture, including dining sets, and teak frame wood patio furniture.

WIKITEAK as one of Jepara furniture manufacturer, produces any tailored custom design teak wood furniture from Indonesia, based on design specification from buyer.

WIKITEAK has good and expertise team for manufacturing any custom design teak wood furniture from Indonesia.

In additional, WIKITEAK can produce one piece of furniture mock up at factory price. This is the principal support of WIKITEAK, by doing custom furniture design manufacturing for personal and commercial project. The quality of products is adjustable based on client budget.

With local expertise craftmanship, WIKITEAK can produce quality furniture for many range of products such as teak garden furniture, teak indoor, teak benches, classic furniture, residential furniture, and other furniture collection of teak garden furniture.

Affordable Teak Furniture From Indonesia Manufacturer